Eda Urbani Archives

Eda Urbani (Livorno 1908- Torino 2001 ) was one of the first women photo-reporter. She starts to photograph in the 1930s and works for some international newspapers and magazines especially the Spanish Brisas magazine, for which she worked until 1936 when she decided to go to Turin and starts working for “La Gazzetta del Popolo”, making a series of wonderful reportages that show us an historical and documentary breakdown of life in Torino in 1930.
The images tell stories of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy not aligned with the fascist regime but full of hints of everyday life. Eda Urbani was a woman magically wrapped in mysteries, with constant changes of interests and passions, full of curiosity and eclectic. After the war she stopped her photographer activities and opened an art gallery, a fashion show room and finally she, 69 years aged, opened a furniture industry in Brazil.